NordiCHI 2022 Workshop: Exploring and Materialising Bodily Experiences of Security through Lenses of Feminist HCI Practices

8th October 2022 9.00-17.00

About the Workshop

In public spaces, such as urban areas and public transportation, people may experience feelings of insecurity, for example, regarding lack of security and fear of possible criminal intentions from others, which can lead to physical discomfort and (feelings of) unease.

In this one-day workshop at the NordiCHI conference 2022, we aim to explore bodily experiences of security. Together with the workshop participants, we will approach this research space from a feminist perspective, engaging with feminist issues, such as participation, advocacy, pluralism, and embodiment. Through innovative body-centered methods, we will foreground and explore individual and collective sensations of security, and materialize participants’ felt experiences and insights in the form of wearable prototypes. Through this workshop, we will reflect on individual and collective experiences of security through making, and eliciting design implications for creating secure bodily experiences, which can be informative and inspirational for future research.


We invite highly motivated participants with or without experience in this field.

Participants need to submit an annotated photo and description of an object that they relate to the experience of bodily security, e.g., an interactive artifact, physical material, everyday item. We warmly encourage them to highlight the reasons for their interest in the topic including their previous work in the area, and submit that with a personal bio.

The submissions can be sent to the workshop organisers via mail:

Important Dates

Submission deadline: 09.08.2022 via mail

Participants notified of acceptance (on or before): 29. 08. 2022

Workshop day, in person: 08.10. 2022; 09:00 – 17:00 (as part of NordiCHI2022 conference)

Early Bird registration deadline: 03.09.2022


If you have any comments or questions, please contact us: