The concept behind this wearable sculpture reflects on how technology should look at nature to answer complex questions. The pulsating energy of the Earth might go unnoticed to most humans, however the Queen bee is sensitive towards its small changes. She dances, reminding us how the invisible -yet fundamental- still has a strong influence on […]

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Electronic chimeras of the deep sea (I-II-III-IV)

Materials: Arduino Fio, pulse sensor, LEDs, wires, crocheted wool patterns, clear polypropylene and organza. The concept behind Electronic chimeras of the deep sea resides in the aesthetic symbiosis between the human and the machine. A human host, who nurtures the chimera with physiological energy, receives heightened social visibility in exchange. These wearable pieces were worn during […]

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Interview / Claudia and Rafael Meneses from Zambeca (Chile) [Spanish]

The main purpose of this interview was to encourage the audience – and particularly designers and artists- to incorporate electronics into their creative practice. I also talked about some basic aspects of electronics by showing this prototype, consisting of handcrafted pushbuttons and coloured LEDs At the moment, this interview is only available in Spanish. Subtitles soon. Special thanks to Rafael […]

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