Student supervision

I am open to supervising master and PhD students working on Interaction Design and HCI, aligned with the following themes:

Somaesthetic Design, the use of first and second-person research methods, and how these articulate knowledge for design use. This involves a strong commitment to rigorously documenting personal experience, as well as performing self-experiments.

I have a particular interest in the application of the Focusing technique, Micro phenomenology and other introspective practices as methods for interaction design. Through my doctoral dissertation, I was the first researcher to generate a methodology around Focusing, involving design ideation, theory and prototyping. You can find more information here.

I am also interested in supervising theses dealing with the topic of expanded embodiment and, more specifically, the transference of subjective and bodily experience through sensory tools.

Topics dealing with design methods, user-centred design and artistic research are also part of my interests.

Master’s students

cnunezpacheco [at]