Being a Foreigner: Taking Lessons of Estrangement for Design

About this event

This Moment is intended as a creative instance for designers to reflect on what it means to be a foreigner in a globalised world and how creative lessons of foreignness could potentially shape us as designers. The Moment has been structured as follows:

1. Introduction to the Moment

2. Participants’ brief introductions: Experiences of foreignness.

3. Brainstorming: What does it mean to be a foreigner? The good and the bad.

4. Focusing: Have you ever practised meditation before? Doing Focusing is similar but also a bit different. You will be guided through an introspective journey to get in contact with your bodies and emotions, and in this way, to uncover the most meaningful aspects of being a foreigner.

5. Body maps making and discussion

6. Foreignness as a creative force: Examining different scenarios of foreignness.

7. Closing: How does being a foreigner shapes us as designers?

Materials and resources for the exercises

Body maps

An outline of the human body, used to represent physical sensations and metaphors associated with different activities. Used as a common practice in Soma Design.


We will use the Padlet platform to upload photographs of our body maps and note down impressions


The password will be distributed during the event.