Luthiers del SXXI – Project collaboration

I was invited to participate as a collaborator and academic for this project called Luthiers del SXXI, as part of the component of the subject Creative Coding, held at the Institute of Informatics at the Universidad Austral de Chile. This project, led by Teodoro Danneman had as the main goal to empathise with the need of users with reduced physical capabilities, by means of music as an embodied language. To do so, students from informatics followed a co-design process with users from TELETON, a non-profit organisation that centres their efforts on improving the quality of life of disabled teenagers and kids. As part of my participation, I taught some dimensions of qualitative research for engineers and ran what we called an empathy workshop, where the students followed the instructions of the empathic modelling technique, in order to put themselves in the shoes of users with reduced sight. As part of the empathy module, they also practised interview techniques such as reflective listening, and other ideation techniques including ideation.

Empathic Modelling in action. Campus Miraflores UACH. Photo by Camilo Alarcón
Discussion session with students, academics, users and staff members from Teleton. Photo by Camilo Alarcón
Final presentation: Introduction of the finished prototypes to the Teleton Users

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