Meditative Flora – Biofeedback installation in a tent.

Projection on a Tulle’s sculpture

Meditative Flora is an artistic installation developed with the idea of challenging the preconception that relates isolation with emptiness. The native flora of Cockatoo Island situated in NSW, Australia was employed as a metaphor of the emotional attachment generated by a special place that exists independently of human’s physical presence. This artistic installation consisted of a reconditioned tent, mounted next to an old sandstone building at the University of Sydney. Aiming to foster feelings such as self-identification, emotional attachment and even intimacy in the middle of a public display, participation was assisted and personalised as a strategy of engagement. A heartbeat sensor attached onto the participant’s earlobe transmitted biofeedback data that was then visualised and projected in the form of different coloured flowers. Some background music was played to intensify participant’s emotion.

Materials: A tent/ Arduino UNO, Pulse sensor + computer /Projector / Tulle


2012-05-11 10.01.16collage

2012-06-23 17.47.16