Lucila – Interactive bioresponsive jewellery

Lúcila is an interactive piece of jewellery that decodes user’s heartbeat in real time in an attempt to transmit certain emotions, particularly different ranges of peace and anxiety. The design concept refers to women’s beauty as an overvalued construction and the metaphor that without the internal desire of spiritual growth, the machine cannot function. To represent this idea, LEDs that permanently blinks into origami moths surround a central light, which is constantly changing colours according to user’s emotional state.

This interactive piece was exhibited across different events:
– Attract, Relate, Sustain / The Verge Gallery 2011

– Sydney / SPARC 2012 / Museum of Contemporary Art  2012

– Electric Dreams / Powerhouse Museum 2013


Materials: Arduino Lilypad, Heart beat Monitor, T13 Polar transmitter /Plastic / wires


DSCF7933Imagen 6



2012-05-31 14.56.35