TEI 2023 workshop: Designing with the Body in Unhabitual Movements using Visual and Textual Elicitation Tools

 We invite you to join the Studio on Designing with the Body in Unhabitual Movements using Visual and Textual Elicitation Tools at the ACM International Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI’23). Designing with the lived body has gained increasing interest within the HCI and interaction design communities, taking a more holistic and situated approach to understand the experiences we are designing for. Accordingly, many researchers and designers are intrigued by learning new methods and techniques for articulating bodily sensations and felt experiences. In our studio, we will correspond to these emerging needs and interests by engaging in three different layers of hands-on activities. 

  • Bodily Activity: Together, we will get ourselves familiar with soma design by engaging with unhabitual kinesthetic movements. 
  • Reflection Activity: We will learn and experiment with the potential of photography and a repertoire of textural metaphors as elicitation tools for first-person felt experiences.
  • Design Activity: Bringing in the articulations of felt experiences, we will explore different modalities and the combination of kinesthetic and tactile technologies that can facilitate a deeper engagement with unhabitual sensations. 

We invite researchers, designers, artists, practitioners, engineers, and students who are curious or interested in the exploration and application of somatic and experiential practices in their work. We aim to create space for discussions surrounding soma design, first-person methods, documentation of the felt experience of bodily movements, unhabitual tactile and kinesthetic modalities, designing for bodily awareness, and the ethics of involving the body in design practice. 

For more information, please visit our workshop website here.