Tangible Body Maps of Felt Sensing Experience
14th and 19th February

A visual representation of a Felt Sense, a complex state we will explore in the workshop. Collage by Claudia Núñez Pacheco, 2015

Location: Zoom [TBC]
Registration: https://tei.acm.org/2021


This studio offers an exploration of a series of research methods grounded in first-person and second-person perspectives, including an open-ended use of readily available materials. Tangible Body Maps -this is, the combination of body maps, tangible materiality and methods – will be used to evaluate and describe experiences in non-prescriptive, yet rich ways. Evaluation exercises will be focused on two main dimensions: (1) First, towards the description of autobiographical, everyday experience, and (2) our experiences with a specific piece of digital technology, which will be examined through the lens of introspection. These introspective examinations will be discussed within the group towards expanding our subjective view.

What we will learn…

Participants will be introduced to the somatic technique Focusing, where they will learn a tool to access their tacit meaning by paying attention to their bodies and emotion. Additionally, they will experiment with ways to articulate experience by using tangible materials as projective artefacts of the self. To further understand the nuances of body maps and their tangible manifestations, participants will also be introduced to the Active Listening technique, which will be practised in pairs.

The felt sense and its complexity

Materials [What should I buy?]

Participants will be asked to purchase plasticine of assorted colours, and coloured tip pens (or pencils)
Also, three sets of body maps should be printed out in advance. We will send you the materials on time.

If available, the use of Tablets affording notes is encouraged over printed materials, meaning that in that case, pencils are not necessary.

Changes to the original proposal

Instead of having a two-session studio as originally proposed, this will be conducted over one session.
However, this studio will be offered twice, to accommodate to different timezones.

Group 1 – 17:00 UTC +1, Sunday 14 Feb [Americas]
Group 2 – 9:00 UTC +1 on Friday 19 February [Asia, Europe and Oceania]


  • Opening
  • Introduction to the Focusing Technique and some applications in research.
  • The Love Exercise: Accessing the complexities of inner experience.
  • Body maps and Tangible Body Maps: Crafting from experience.
  • Presentation of results and group discussion
  • Break
  • Focusing and tangible body maps to evaluate an existing piece of technology
  • Getting to the core of experience: The active listening technique
  • Discussion: Lessons learnt and applications.


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