TEI 2017 Studio: ​The Body as a Source of Aesthetic Qualities for Design ​Explorations and techniques

As part of the outcomes of The Felt Sense Project, Lian Loke and I ran a studio on somatic-based exploration and techniques for interaction design. This workshop was intended to explore ways of unearthing aesthetic qualities from everyday experiences and to evaluate sensory information through the body.

This studio was part of the TEI 2017 conference held in Yokohama, Japan



Núñez-Pacheco, C. and Loke, L. (2017) The Body as a Source of Aesthetic Qualities for Design: Explorations and Techniques. TEI17 Yokohama, Japan.

Loke, L. and Núñez-Pacheco, C. (2018) Developing somatic sensibilities for practices of discernment in interaction design. The Senses and Society Journal 13 (2), July 2018 (in press), Routledge.